Mix “analogue” Artificial Intelligence and “digital” shaders together! Generate image or pattern, import your photo, apply filters, add fractals, blend it and add more and more layers! Enjoy to be in the process and watch how images change. Clear you mind and concentrate on hypnotic patterns. Besides having fun this multipurpose digital art instrument allows you to create uniq content for your kaleidoscopes, mandalas, prints, stickers, flyers, covers and many other things. And remember this application will not make magic for you, but you can make magic with it! With its powerful and unique engine, Patternica can lead your creativity to the next level and bring great opportunities.

Having modern filters, intuitive interface and other professional instruments, this app will be helpful for designers, visual artists and any other digital art creators. The process of visual content building has never been so interesting and multidimensional!


– about 90 different Image Generators which you can set as you need

– about 140 Effects you can apply on top of the images in chain of layers

– Artificial Intelligence Style Transfer effects

– 27 blending options

– up to 15 layers in the same time

– you can import your photos or another images from gallery

– undo your changes

– save and load project

– export in high resolution